Assessment Fees – EFFECTIVE 15 JANUARY 2020

November 22nd, 2019


Assessment Fees Effective 15 January 2020

Fees for assessment applications have been unchanged since 2016 – and we’ve worked hard to absorb increase in costs from inflation each year and from initiatives such the Practice Test for the Written Assessment and using simulation in the Clinical Assessment.

We will continue to strive to conduct assessments in the most cost-efficient way, however on 15 January 2020 we will be adjusting our fees in line with inflation each year.

If you are eligible for an assessment application, make and pay for it before 15 January 2020, you will pay the current application fees.

From 15 January 2020, our assessment fees will be:

Standard Assessment Pathway

Eligibility Assessment $1,120.00 per application
Written Assessment $1,930.00 per application
Clinical Assessment $4,200.00 per application

If additional attempts are required

Written Assessment $1,930.00 per application
Clinical Assessment $1,400.00 per application

Equivalence of Qualification Pathway

Equivalence of Qualification – New Program $2,240.00 per application
Equivalence of Qualification – Existing Program $1,527.00 per application
Lodgement of additional supporting documents $560.00 per application

Internal Review

Internal Review of Outcome $560.00 per application

This fee is fully refunded if the complaint is upheld.

Administrative Fee

Processing of any fee return (except the Internal Review fee where a complaint is upheld), hard copy print or reprint of any certificate, and return of any document:

Administrative fee $56.00 per transaction

Assessment for Skilled Migration

The fees for an Assessment for Skilled Migration will remain unchanged:

Skills Assessment for Temporary Graduate Visa applicants $200.00 per application
Complete Skills Assessment $1,650.00 per application
Additional Skills Assessment $1,450.00 per application


These fees are exclusive of the 1.5% PayPal transaction fee.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD$)

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