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As an international physiotherapist, you can access these expedited pathways if you hold an entry level physiotherapy qualification (i.e. undergraduate or bachelor level qualification only) from the specified countries and meet all the other Council requirements.

Express FLYR countries FLYR countries
Canada South Africa
The United Kingdom Netherlands
Ireland Singapore* (Qualifications must be Bachelor-level degree)
Hong Kong (SAR of China)

What is the Express FLYR Pathway and FLYR Pathway?

The Express FLYR Pathway or FLYR Pathway is your streamlined journey towards becoming a physiotherapist in Australia. Eligible candidates can bypass assessment stages in the Standard Assessment Pathway and complete their assessments remotely without the need to travel to Australia.

These pathways are designed to save time and money while ensuring a smooth assessment journey.

Express FLYR Pathway

Our most expedited pathway offers eligible candidates the opportunity to complete their entire assessment journey without sitting the Written Assessment. By successfully completing the Eligibility Assessment and Cultural Safety Training, eligible candidates can obtain their Final Certificate.

FLYR Pathway

This pathway is another streamlined option for eligible candidates. To obtain the Final Certificate, eligible candidates must successfully complete the Eligibility Assessment, Cultural Safety Training, and the Written Assessment.

What are the criteria for the Express FLYR & FLYR Pathway?

Under both pathways, applicants need to first apply for the Eligibility Assessment. To qualify for the Express FLYR or FLYR Pathway, candidates must meet all the following criteria:

  • Completed an entry-level physiotherapy qualification (i.e. undergraduate or bachelor level qualification only) in an approved Express FLYR or FLYR country respectively (see above)
  • Held registration without restriction with the relevant regulatory body within the past 5 years in an approved Express FLYR or FLYR country accordingly
  • Able to practice without any restrictions
  • Have an entry-level qualification that is diploma-level or higher*

If you do not meet all the above criteria to qualify for FLYR, head to the Standard Assessment Pathway.

How much do the FLYR pathways cost?

Check out the Fees page.

How is a country considered to be included in the FLYR Pathways?

The Council undertakes a rigorous and thorough assessment before including a country on the approved list of Express FLYR or FLYR countries. Each country is examined for its comparability to Australia, including the education and training of physiotherapists, the scope of physiotherapy practice, the regulation of the profession, and the practice of physiotherapy within the country’s health system.

Next steps

To begin your assessment journey with the Express FLYR or FLYR Pathway, apply for your Eligibility Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an entry-level physiotherapy qualification?

An entry level qualification refers to an undergraduate degree, such as a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. In Australia, the appropriate entry-level qualification in physiotherapy signifies foundational knowledge, skills, and experience required to enter and start working in the profession.

To be eligible for the Express FLYR or FLYR Pathway, you must hold an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy.

Am I eligible with a postgraduate or master’s qualification?

No, the Council will not consider you eligible if you solely have a postgraduate or master's physiotherapy qualification from an Express FLYR or FLYR country. To qualify, you must obtain an undergraduate physiotherapy qualification from an approved country.

How do I work as a physiotherapist in Australia?

To work as a registered physiotherapist in Australia, you will need to be assessed by the Council.

Once you have been successfully assessed against the Australian standards of physiotherapy practice, you can apply for registration with Ahpra.

Who is Ahpra? What do I need to have for registration with Ahpra?

Ahpra is the registration body for healthcare practitioners in Australia, including all physiotherapists.

To be registered you will need to liaise with Ahpra directly. Head to their registration page.

When will I receive my results?

The Eligibility Assessment‘s processing times can be found here.

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