Work as an Assessor

The Council is currently looking for experienced physiotherapists to be assessors in the Clinical Assessment.

The Clinical Assessment is a long-case assessment involving real patients in real clinical environments such as hospitals and clinics.

Assessors play an important role in these assessments, using their expertise to assess candidates on the basis of their ability to perform as entry-level physiotherapists, i.e. equivalent to a Year 1 physiotherapy graduate.

There are minimum requirements to be an assessor:

  • You must have more than five years’ experience in supervising and/or assessing final year entry level Australian Physiotherapy students in a clinical setting or equivalent experience supervising entry-level physiotherapists.
  • You must have more than three years’ relevant clinical experience in your area of expertise.
  • You must hold General Registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia and have no conditions on your practice.

For more information on the assessor role and how to apply, contact us here.


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