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January 21st, 2020


Showcasing the Council’s Multiple-Choice Examination for Assessing Competent Physiotherapy Practice at SIPCON 2020

Against the majestic backdrop of Mumbai – the city of dreams and dream makers, according to President of the Society of Indian Physiotherapists, Raju K Parasher – SIPCON 2020 was recently held.

With technology and its seismic impact on the physiotherapy profession being front and centre, we were delighted that the Council’s Strategic Relationships Lead, Sonya Davis, was invited to present at SIPCON 2020 on our significant investment in the new front line of written assessments – where the very best of human expertise and technology intersect.

The Council’s written assessment is unique in its robust yet efficient process of development and administration, bringing together the best minds in physiotherapy subject matters, exam item development, and psychometric analysis. A rigorous peer review process facilitated by the management of the exam through our online platform has succeeded in an average 98.6% of questions performing optimally. The psychometric process adopted by the Council ensures underperforming questions have no impact on the overall quality of each exam.

We are now offering this expertise as a service to organisations wanting to develop high quality examination items.

Our presentation at SIPCON was well received, but more importantly our attendance presented a bridge for us to connect to prominent Indian physiotherapist academics, with several interested in accreditation processes to improve the calibre of physiotherapy education and training in India.

We are excited about the future opportunities that can be realised with our new colleagues in India.

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