The University of Queensland’s Physiotherapy ‘Standardised Patients’ (SP) Program

September 20th, 2018

The University of Queensland

At the Australian Physiotherapy Council we are excited about the use of simulation in physiotherapy education and training, and you would’ve heard of our work on evaluating its use in assessments. It’s an exciting and fast developing space… Here’s a fascinating example of the innovative use of simulation in the education environment.

“The UQ Physiotherapy ‘Standardised Patients’ (SP) program is an intensive program using trained actors to portray patients in authentic simulated environments.  This program’s ambitious goal is to help students consolidate three years of knowledge and skills across all areas of physiotherapy and to enhance their readiness for clinical placements – a transition historically regarded with trepidation.  The three core disciplines of physiotherapy (musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, and neurological) are united in this cohesive program.  The “UQ model” has also been implemented by some other Australian universities as part of the largest simulated learning project funded by Health Workforce Australia.”

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