August 24th, 2020

Shane Patman

Chair, Board of Directors

Australian Physiotherapy Council

As our communities continue to grapple with the far reaching impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, here at the Australian Physiotherapy Council, we want to tell you, our customers, partners and valued stakeholders, that we continue to diligently and tirelessly work to deliver accreditation and assessment services, and now with an additional focus to also be COVIDsafe.

The Council’s Board and CEO, along with our Management team and staff, have been working remotely, since our Melbourne based office was forced to close in mid-March, meeting virtually even more regularly than usual, as we endeavour to be both responsive and proactive, to a dynamic external environment that continues to present challenges for us as an accreditation authority, and for the broader Australian community.

Although we face these challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, now, more than ever before, the Council’s values of being nimble, brave, flexible, collaborative, people focused, purpose driven, customer obsessed, and innovative, position us to courageously seek out and develop solutions that will take us forward into the future, beyond the immediate pandemic context.

We have also been engaging and collaborating with our members, key stakeholders and partners, such the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Council of Physiotherapy Deans Australia and New Zealand (CPDANZ), Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Health Professionals Accreditation Collaborative Forum (HPACF), and World Physiotherapy. Together with these key organisations, we are striving to problem solve and address the negative impacts and challenges across our international and domestic healthcare, and higher education landscape caused by COVID-19.

The Australian physiotherapy profession, is indeed a wonderful and admirable health profession to be associated with, and as a Council we consider it a privilege and honour to support many of you on your journey to becoming a registered physiotherapist here in Australia.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are extremely proud and grateful for how our Management and staff have continued to serve our customers and stakeholders, despite living and working in Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions, through a very challenging time in our history. There is no rule book for how to respond in such a prolonged period of restrictions, and yet our Village team continue to adjust, adapt, plan and pivot, as they creatively look and strive to excellently and faithfully achieve our mission to “drive robust and high quality assessment that really cares about people”.

I would kindly ask you to remember that our team members are also people, who despite their amazing efforts, and dedication to customer obsession, are limited by circumstances outside of their control. They too need your understanding, patience and respect, even when they cannot provide you with answers to all your questions yet. We are all, unfortunately, facing much uncertainty in these days, and can only do our best, within the given situation.

Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, has an encouraging quote “Develop an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you” which seems more apt than ever in our current context.

So as Council Chair, I say thank you to our Board, to our CEO and to our broad village team for their ongoing efforts and drive during these unprecedented times.

To our Members and valued Partners, we thank you for your engagement and willingness to work collaboratively and harmoniously towards our common goals and innovative solutions, through these times of challenge and opportunity.

To all those aspiring physios out there dependent on the services of the Council, we thank you for your patience and resilience as we work together to support and guide your journey towards registration.

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

All those in the Council really do care and are highly motivated by our Mission and Vision. In the coming days and weeks, we hope to provide more updates on the Council’s COVID-19 pandemic responses, and how this will benefit our stakeholders and customers, while still complying with the Government and Health Officials directives that we must abide by, as we continue our endeavours to champion excellence and professionalism in physiotherapy practice.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

From Shane Patman, Chair of the Board, Australian Physiotherapy Council

on behalf of the Board and Council Staff

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