Important changes to Equivalence of Qualification – New Program

February 4th, 2021



The Council conducts regular reviews of its systems and processes. As we continue to change and improve the offerings for our customers, we have decided to phase out the Equivalence of Qualification – New Program assessment.

If you are an overseas physiotherapist considering applying for this assessment, or already have an application in progress, it’s important you take note of the changes and deadlines.

The first deadline of 26 March 2021 is coming up soon.

What do you need to do?

If you have started (but not yet submitted and paid) an application for an Equivalence of Qualification – New Program assessment, then you must complete your application, submit and make payment before 26 March 2021.

Once you have completed these initial steps, you will have until 30 September 2021 to submit all associated documentation for your application.

If your Equivalence of Qualification – New Program assessment was unsuccessful and you are now making an Additional Submission application, you must submit and pay for this by 30 June 2022. You will have until 31 December 2022 to submit all associated documentation for your application.

What happens if a candidate misses the 26 March 2021 to submit a new application?

After 26 March 2021, the Council will not be able to accept any new applications for an Equivalence of Qualification – New Program assessment.

Future candidates, or candidates who have not submitted and paid for an application, are advised to consider applying for the Standard Assessment Pathway, which includes the FLYR expedited assessment stream for eligible candidates.

Process improvement – Application form changes

After thoroughly reviewing our processes, we are now making an important change to how we receive documentation from overseas universities.

The new process introduces an improved application form, including a nomination component, that enables your university to provide the required documentation directly to the Council on your behalf.

The Council recognises that it is often a difficult and prolonged process to obtain all the necessary university documentation about your program. This new process is designed to streamline and simplify the exchange of university documents on your behalf.

More detail …

To learn more detail about the pathway, the changes and the key dates, please click here.




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