CEO presents at CLEAR 2020 Conference

September 23rd, 2020


This year’s CLEAR Annual 2020 conference is being held virtually this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped the Council’s CEO, Anton Barnett-Harris delivering an engaging, informative, authentic presentation, that is indicative of the Council’s reputation to take bold steps into an uncertain future.

The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) is made up of organisations and agencies around the globe who are responsible for professional and occupational regulation. Their 40th Annual Conference is covering topics such as testing and examinations, administration, legislation and policy, and entry to practice and beyond.

Anton’s presentation at the CLEAR Conference shared the past journey of change and adaption, of innovating and transforming the Australian Physiotherapy Council’s clinical assessment approach, when it moved to the Simulation model.

CLEAR 2020 Conference delegates heard that the Council’s Simulation action research project underpinned the Council’s reimagining of assessing our overseas candidates, and gave confidence that these major changes were both evidence-based and robust.

Anton provided insights on the transition that followed the action research project, and how the results had benefitted the Council’s candidates, especially in reducing their wait time to complete their assessment pathway, which led to an increase in customer satisfaction and efficiency gains for the Council.

Under Anton’s and our Board’s leadership over the last 4 years, the Council has also undergone a transformation of our organisational culture and values, which influence every decision in the organisation.

In his presentation, Anton stressed the importance of culture, values (brave, nimble, and people focused) and mindset to how the Council has successfully navigated, innovated and transformed key parts of our business.

This past proven track record provides a solid foundation for the Council bravely facing the challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, given that local and international restrictions have resulted in disruption to the Council’s assessment activities.

As Anton concluded his presentation, he authentically described some of the challenges that the Council is seeking to once again spur on the organisation to innovate and transform the service delivery and delegated regulatory work we carry out.

Although we may not have the answers or solutions yet, the Council is positioned with the right ingredients of past experience, organisational capability and culture, a motivated and high performing team backed by expert stakeholders and collaborators, and an appetite to look at the uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to reimagine and innovate again.

Click here to read the CLEAR program summary of Anton’s presentation

Slide from Anton Barnett-Harris’ presentation titled “24 Months Waiting to 2 Months!” at CLEAR 2020 Conference

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