A Partnership Made in Physio Heaven

July 9th, 2018


What’s the alternative to a lifelong pursuit of development and growth?  Simple… stagnation.

With our world evolving, changing, transforming at a rate of knots, it’s foolish to think that one’s graduation converts to some infinite lifetime guarantee of being able to competently (let alone successfully) navigate one’s entire career. To lag behind is to corrode currency.  To resist a lifetime of learning is to be irrelevant.  And to be irrelevant means your patients will go elsewhere.

To keep up, stay ahead of the curve and remain at the vanguard of your profession, the one thing that must be a constant is Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Up to date research, enhancement of knowledge and skills as well as an eternal appetite for best practice standards is what transforms a journeyperson into a leader in one’s field.

In an ever-increasing globalised and competitive society, the importance of Continuing Professional Development cannot be overstated. The world’s industries are forever evolving, which creates exciting opportunities, but which also comes with challenges. CPD enables an individual to regularly apply attention to important areas of development and mitigates against the risk of any deficits in knowledge.

For a Physiotherapist, the benefits of CPD is profound, but it’s the public she/he serves who are undoubtedly the greatest beneficiary.  When your chosen field is in the Health sector – where people’s well being, ability to function, thrive and sometimes their very lives depend on particular therapeutic interventions – then the stakes couldn’t be higher.  Whether you’re a physio in a hospital setting or in private practice, your patients come to you with the belief that you are going to improve their situation.  And its that belief and confidence that must be safeguarded at all costs.

At the Council, we are always looking for ways to add-value for all those who come into contact with us and our overseas qualified physios are no exception.  And here’s where Physiopedia comes in…

Rachael Lowe a UK-based physiotherapist, who works in e-learning and as a technology specialist for the physiotherapy community, dreamt of bringing the international physiotherapy community together with a communal website where all physiotherapists throughout the world could collaborate to produce one extensive and evidence-based resource for the global physiotherapy community.  In 2007 her dream became a reality and Physiopedia was born.

Physiopedia is a NFP organisation whose mission is to build a continually evolving, evidenced based knowledge resource that’s openly and freely accessible to all across the world.  This community-edited Wikipedia style resource is now the largest Physiotherapy website in the world. Its site currently gets over two million visits from over nearly every country in the world every month.

As the Physiopedia project grew and began to prove itself as an invaluable resource for the international physiotherapy fraternity, in 2015, Physiopedia launched Physioplus.

Physiopedia Plus is the wold’s largest premium content area that provides online continuing education and professional development platform built by the physiotherapy community. The platform contains a variety of online courses and other learning activities and resources, all wrapped up in an innovative personalised learning environment. The annual subscription income from this service contributes to funding the Physiopedia charity.

Physioplus understands the need to gather the global physiotherapy profession together in one place to share knowledge and provide them with the resources they need to support their lifelong career, where ever they may be in the world.

So you can imagine how delighted I am to announce that Physioplus have approached the Australian Physiotherapy Council to accredit their online continuing education courses.  In return, we will be able to offer our overseas qualified physios who are undertaking the Standard Assessment Pathway free access to all Physioplus’ online CPD courses.  A partnership made in Physio Heaven indeed!

Technology allows us to do extraordinary things and now our Standard Assessment Pathway overseas candidates will be able to access Physioplus is directly when they log onto our website for no cost whatsoever.

If you have any further questions or would like to request additional details, please feel free to contact assessment@physiocouncil.com.au and a member of our Assessment team will be delighted to assist.

Please note that accepted physiotherapy practices can vary internationally and are continually updated as new research findings emerge. The content is intended as an educational resource for you to learn about issues relating to physiotherapy.



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