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The Council is making important changes to improve the success of overseas qualified physiotherapists (candidates) undertaking Clinical Assessments.

These changes mean that candidates no longer need to restart the assessment pathway, and can have more attempts to pass their Clinical Assessments.

To complete the Standard Assessment Pathway, candidates must successfully pass all three Clinical Assessments (Musculoskeletal, Neurological, or Cardiorespiratory).

So how does this change work?

If a candidate has attempted all three Clinical Assessment exams, and only passed some, they will have multiple resit attempts to successfully pass the remaining Clinical Assessment.

While attempting to complete the remaining exam, the candidate will not be required to restart the assessment pathway, saving the candidate time and money.

What is the purpose of the Interim Certificate?

Once an overseas qualified physiotherapist successfully completes their Eligibility Assessment with the Council and receives an Interim Certificate, they have 2 years to complete their assessment pathway before the Interim Certificate expires.

The Interim Certificate is designed to enable candidates to gain clinical experience in diverse Australian healthcare settings as they prepare for their Clinical Assessments.

The Council strongly encourages active engagement with the pathway by completing all assessments within a two-year timeframe.

Here at the Council, we acknowledge that Clinical Assessments can be seen as strenuous and time-consuming. We are dedicated to offering overseas qualified physiotherapists additional ways and opportunities to advance through the assessment journey and become part of the Australian physiotherapy profession.

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