Eligibility Assessment

What is the Eligibility Assessment?

The first step of your assessment journey is to apply for the Eligibility Assessment.

The Eligibility Assessment is a document-based assessment to ensure you hold an appropriate entry-level physiotherapy qualification. It is required for both the Standard Assessment Pathway and the FLYR Pathway.

As part of the Eligibility Assessment, you will be required to complete the Cultural Safety Training program as well.

What are the criteria to apply for the Eligibility Assessment?

The minimum criteria to apply for Eligibility Assessment includes:

  • To be an overseas qualified physiotherapist (with a minimum diploma-level qualification); AND
  • Meeting the educational/qualification requirement for (or already hold) registration without any restriction in your country of training, OR
    Able to legally practice without restriction in your country of training (if no regulatory body currently exists).

What documents will I need to submit?

Please download the Eligibility Assessment Fact Sheet for a list of documents you’ll need to provide, as well as information on upload requirements.
Download the Fact Sheet

How much does the Eligibility Assessment and Cultural Safety Training cost?

Fees can be found here.

What are the steps to undertake in Eligibility Assessment?

  1. Complete the online application and pay for your application.
  2. Complete Cultural Safety Training program.
  3. Wait for your application outcome from the Council before taking the next step.

*For more information on processing times and fees, click here.

Apply for an Eligibility Assessment


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after submitting my Eligibility Assessment application?

After you have submitted your Eligibility Assessment, you need to complete the Cultural Safety Training. Once you’ve passed the Eligibility Assessment and completed the Cultural Safety Training, the Council will issue you with an Interim Certificate. Your next step will be undertaking the Written Assessment.

How do I complete the Cultural Safety Training program?

Shortly after payment is received for your Eligibility Assessment application, you’ll receive an email with instructions to access the Cultural Safety Training program.

What is the free APA Associate membership and professional indemnity insurance?

Once you have completed the Eligibility Assessment and Cultural Safety Training, you will receive the free Associate Membership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and professional indemnity insurance cover. To read about the benefits of this membership click here.

If you would like to opt-out of this membership, you can do that by checking ‘Opt out’ on your Eligibility Assessment.

Can I work with an Interim Certificate?

The Interim Certificate issued by the Council is valid for two years and enables you to meet one of the requirements for Limited Registration for Supervised Practice with Ahpra. Limited registration allows you to work under supervision and gain clinical experience in the Australian healthcare system before you can apply for General Registration as a physiotherapist in Australia. For information on other requirements for Limited Registration for Supervised Practice, please click here.

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