Eligibility Assessment

What is the Eligibility Assessment?

The Eligibility Assessment is a simple document-based assessment designed to ensure that you hold an appropriate entry-level physiotherapy qualification and are therefore eligible to continue with the Standard Assessment Pathway.

What Will a Successful Eligibility Assessment Enable?

Successful Eligibility Assessment candidates, who have completed their Cultural Safety Training*, will be awarded with an Interim Certificate and be able to apply for the Written Assessment. The Interim Certificate is valid for two years and allows you to meet one of the requirements for Limited Registration for Supervised Practice with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board), which is a part of Ahpra.  For information on other requirements for Limited Registration for Supervised Practice, please contact the Board directly.

With Limited Registration you can practice as a physiotherapist (under certain conditions), to assist you  in preparing for the Clinical Assessment.

You will be able to download your Interim Certificate and apply for the Written Assessment via your Dashboard.

*From the 15th January 2020, all candidates starting the Standard Assessment Pathway (including candidates in the FLYR stream) or Equivalence of Qualification Pathway, will be required to complete the Cultural Safety Training program.

Free APA Associate Membership & Insurance

The Council’s candidates are automatically entitled to free insurance and membership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). Please click here for more information.

As it is an “opt out” system, you can indicate via your application form for the Eligibility Assessment if you don’t want your details forwarded to the APA for the purposes of free membership and insurance.

If you choose not to opt out however, you will be automatically covered by the insurance and become APA members as soon as your application is accepted by the APA.

How Do I Apply?

To be suitable to apply for an Eligibility Assessment, you need to be:

  1. An overseas qualified physiotherapist (with a minimum diploma-level qualification); AND
  2. Meet the educational/qualification requirement for (or already hold) registration without any restriction; OR
    Able to legally practice without restriction in your country of training (if no regulatory body currently exists).

How Does the Eligibility Assessment Work?

The Eligibility Assessment is a points-based assessment.  You will be awarded points based on your ability to meet various criteria.  The total number of points you are awarded will determine if you are suitable for further assessment via the Standard Assessment pathway and if so, which stream you qualify for.

Please see the tables below for further information.

How Many Points do I Need?

Assessment Stream Points Required
FLYR (Eligibility and Written Assessment only) 140
Full Standard Assessment Pathway (Eligibility, Written, and Clinical Assessment) 50
Not Eligible for Assessment Less than 50

How are Points Awarded?

Category Criteria Points
Nominated Country Canada, Hong Kong (SAR of China), Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa 50
*only applies if Entry-Level Physiotherapy Qualification is Bachelor-level
Recency of Registration*
*only applies when Nominated Country criterion has been met
AHPC, CORU, HCPC, HPCSA, Physiotherapists Board Hong Kong, or Canadian provincial/territorial registration without restriction (as per Nominated Country) held within past 5 years 40
Practice without Restriction Meet qualification requirement for (or already hold) registration without restriction OR be able to legally practice without restriction in country of training 30 Minimum requirements to be eligible for assessment
Entry-Level Physiotherapy Qualification Diploma-level or higher 20
Apply for an Eligibility Assessment


What Documents Will I Need?

Please download the Eligibility Assessment Fact Sheet for a list of documents you’ll need to provide, as well as information on upload requirements.

Download the Fact Sheet



What if I Don’t Complete the Standard Assessment Pathway before my Interim Certificate Expires?

If your Interim Certificate expires and you haven’t yet completed the Standard Assessment pathway, DON’T PANIC! This is not required for assessment purposes as long as you hold appropriate indemnity insurance cover for the Clinical Assessment. Click here for more information on this.

Need an Interim Certificate Extension?

You may require an extension to your Interim Certificate if you are working under limited registration at the time it expires and you still haven’t completed the Standard Assessment pathway.

If you require your Interim Certificate extended, please email [email protected] and advise us of the date of expiry of your current Interim Certificate and where you are currently employed as a physiotherapist under limited registration.

Application stages

Complete online application and make payment of $1120.00 AUD

As soon as possible
Complete the Cultural Safety Training program

Whilst awaiting your application outcome

Wait for your application outcome

Processing times can be found here.


We consider each case individually, depending on the number of outstanding assessments. We can generally accommodate requests for an extension if we find that you have remained engaged with the process and your assessments have been delayed for reasons beyond your control.

For more information on the Eligibility Assessment, please contact our Assessment Team.  We are looking forward to discussing your options and helping you in any way we can.

[email protected]
1300 528 003 (Within Australia)
+ 61 3 7018 1499 (Outside Australia)

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