Clinical Assessment

What is the Clinical Assessment?

The Clinical Assessment is part of the Standard Assessment pathway and assesses the ability to apply clinical skills in Australian healthcare settings.  To pass the Clinical Assessment, you must demonstrate the ability to independently practice and undertake a safe and effective consultation in three separate assessment events.

Where Can I Do My Clinical Assessment?

Assessments are held in Australia at venues in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia (Perth only).  Allocations are based on many factors including:

  • The availability of sessions in your preferred state
  • The date the application was received
  • Whether you have undertaken previous Clinical Assessments, work, supervised practice or observation at any hospital in Australia
  • Whether you are entering Australia for a brief period for the sole purpose of undertaking the Clinical Assessment

Will I Need Insurance?

You must have adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover your attendance of assessment sessions. Prior to the commencement of each session, you must produce a Certificate of Currency of Professional Indemnity Insurance for a minimum of $5 million.  But we have great news

Free Insurance

You are automatically entitled to free insurance and membership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). Please click here for more information.

You can opt out when making your Eligibility Assessment application.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Your performance is observed and assessed by two assessors, based on Domains and Performance Indicators.  A guide to a typical Clinical Assessment session can be found in Clinical Assessment – Session Information.

How Can I Prepare for My Clinical Assessment?

There are training and preparation programs provided by external organisations to familiarise you with the Assessment. However, the Council does not receive any fees, accredit, endorse or review any training or preparation programs provided by these organisations.

You are advised to seek detailed information from these providers to ensure that the advertised program will meet your needs.

Many of these programs will be advertised via the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

May I Contact Assessors or Administrators Directly?

You must not contact the Assessors or Administrators under any circumstances outside of the Clinical Assessment – unless you have been directed to do so by the Council in order to organise your orientation or to inquire about the organisation of your Assessment.

What if I Am Based Overseas?

We do all we can to schedule the three Assessments within a two week time frame; dependent upon your preferred State and the availability of the Assessment sites.  We recommend that you do not book any flights until all your Assessments are confirmed. If you will only be in Australia for a limited time to undertake the Clinical Assessment, you should provide a cover letter with your application indicating your preferred time period to undertake all the Assessments. We will do our very best to accommodate your requests. However we can’t guarantee that your sessions will be allocated within your required time frame.

Great News Re Wait Times for Clinical Assessment

Until recently we have been advising candidates that the wait time for their initial Clinical Assessment is approximately 12 – 14 months.  However, due to our significant investment in Simulation and the impact it’s having on truncating waiting times, we are delighted to be able to offer candidates their first assessment much earlier than that.

Please note that the second and third Clinical Assessments can still take up to 14 months to complete.

As a guideline, you should expect to now wait between 6 -14 months to complete all Clinical Assessments.

Our highest priority is to continue reducing the overall wait time for you.

Clinical Assessment Waiting List

You will receive advanced notification of your Clinical Assessment allocations as soon as you are assigned to each session.  We would kindly ask that you refrain from requesting to change these dates unless absolutely necessary, as varying your allocated date may affect the allocations of other candidates.

Please be advised that changes to sessions may incur a cancellation fee of up to 100%.

What If I Am Pregnant?

For your safety, the Council will not allow you to undertake the Clinical Assessments if you are more than 34 weeks pregnant. If you are pregnant you will need to provide a letter from your medical practitioner dated no earlier than 1 week before your assessment date confirming that you are physically and medically fit to undertake a clinical assessment on that particular day.

What Can I Expect After My Assessment?

You will be emailed a candidate report between 10-28 days from the date of the Assessment. The candidate report will indicate performance in the Domains and Performance Indicators that are observed during the Assessment.

The result of each clinical assessment is final and cannot be altered. No other information is provided regarding the performance during the Assessment. It is essential that you are able to interpret your performance against the Assessment criteria.  If you are unsuccessful in your Assessment, you can apply for an Internal Review within 14 calendar days of receiving notification of the Assessment outcome.  This process can only be undertaken based on procedural grounds.

Once all sessions are completed, the outcome of the Clinical Assessment will be determined. Please refer to Outcomes of Clinical Assessment for more information. We cannot determine whether an additional Assessment is required until you have completed all Assessment sessions.


For more information on the Clinical Assessment, please get in touch with our Assessment Team and we’ll be delighted to help you in any way we can.


1300 528 003 (Within Australia)
+ 61 3 7018 1499 (Outside Australia)

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