Developing cultural competency in overseas trained physiotherapists

March 14th, 2019


A request for proposal

As a profession we must take every opportunity to create a physiotherapy workforce trained to treat our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with sensitivity and safety.

All Australian physiotherapy students now start this journey as part of their entry level qualifications, and we want to ensure that overseas qualified physiotherapists also develop these competencies.    That’s why the Council will be developing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency training module.  Our aim is that the completion of this beginner level training will provide physiotherapists new to Australia, the opportunity to embark on their own journey to culturally safe practice.

The Council needs subject matter experts to create this and are pleased to invite you to submit your proposal for the development of the online training module.   The online module will be based on the learning outcomes defined in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Curriculum Framework, and will achieve a balance between cultural learning and practical application. We want to see your proposals on how to do this.

The full requirements are included in this request for proposal document, but please contact me, Leanne Percy on 03 7018 1499 if you have any questions.

Your proposal should be submitted no later than Friday, 12 April 2019 and should be sent to accreditation@physiocouncil.com.au.

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