Equivalence of Qualification

What is the Equivalence of Qualification Pathway?

The Equivalence of Qualification pathway evaluates whether an overseas physiotherapy qualification could be considered substantially comparable to an accredited Australian entry-level program as a route to General Registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board). General Registration is required in order to practice as a physiotherapist in Australia.

Cultural Safety Training
From the 15th January 2020, all candidates starting the Equivalence of Qualification Pathway, will be required to complete the Cultural Safety Training program.


There are no experience or English language requirements for the Equivalence of Qualification pathway. However, you may be required to produce evidence of these when it comes to applying for registration. Please see the Physiotherapy Board of Australia’s (the Board’s) website here for more information on this.

When I’m Successful?

Successful candidates will be issued with a Certificate of Substantial Equivalence which will meet the qualification requirement for General Registration. There are a number of other requirements for General Registration – please click here for more information on these.



This accelerated assessment process:

  1. Allows you to apply for registration and begin working faster.
  2. Ensures you possess the same competencies as entry-level physios qualified in Australia and are therefore safe to practice here.

How Do I Know if My Program is Equivalent?

We have already assessed many international University programs and found them to be substantially equivalent to an Australian entry-level qualification.  Please click the button below to see if your University, program, and cohort (years of study) have already been found to be equivalent.

See List of Equivalent Programs


Equivalence of Qualification Pathway

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