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Skills Assessment for Permanent Residence Visa / Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

Skills Assessment for the Permanent Residence Visa/Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa is a document-based assessment that verifies your qualifications, skills and work experience to ensure it meets the standards of physiotherapy practice here in Australia. The Council provides this assessment for physiotherapists interested in migrating to Australia on behalf of the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Eligibility requirements

To check if you meet the criteria for application please read the Assessment for Skilled Migration Visas page.

Documents to submit

Cost of Assessment

Fees can be found here.

Waiting time

Processing time for your application can be found here

Please submit all your documents at the time of application for timely processing.

After you submit your application, the Council requests that you only reach out to us if the specified time has elapsed, as we appreciate your patience.

Next steps

  • Complete the online application and make payment
  • Wait for your application outcome from the Council. 
  • Obtain the Council’s Skills Assessment Certificate

Apply now

For your first Skills Assessment with the Council, apply for a Complete Skills Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I’ve already completed a Skills Assessment before, what should I do?

If you’re unsure whether you’ve already completed a Skills Assessment, you can ask us directly via email. Please email [email protected].

Do I need to provide any work experience?

You do not need to provide evidence of work experience unless you’re claiming ‘skilled employment’ in your visa application. The amount of work experience you want to claim under ‘skilled employment’ will depend on your visa requirement. Therefore, please include all evidence for all the work experience you wish to claim in your visa application.

If you’re unsure what the ‘skilled employment’ requirements for your visa are, please check the relevant page on DHA’s website.

Can I apply with an Interim Certificate through Skills Assessment?

No, the Interim Certificate is not applicable for a Skills Assessment. Please refer to the criteria for Skills Assessment on the Assessment for Skilled Migration Visas page.

When should I begin my application?

Before you begin your application, make sure you meet all the requirements for your intended visa and have completed any specific period of work you wish to claim as skilled employment before submitting your application. For example, if you wish to claim 3 years of employment for your visa, you should wait until you have completed 3 full years in relevant roles before lodging your Skills Assessment application.

You may be liable to additional fees if you make changes to your application after you’ve received the Skills Assessment outcome.

How long will my application take?

Please check processing times in our Fees and processing times page to be aware of the estimated processing times.

Please note that your assessment will be delayed if:

  • Detail in your application (especially regarding your skilled employment) cannot be verified by the supporting documentation
  • You do not provide the required supporting documentation

To prevent delays to your application, please ensure your application and documentation is as complete as possible. Every time it’s incomplete, your application might take twice as long to be processed.

What is the Skills Assessment Certificate?

The Skills Certificate is a report that includes your education and work history that helps DHA evaluate if you meet the requirements for your visa application.

Once successful, the Skills Assessment Certificate reference number can help you lodge an Expression of Interest for your visa and/or submit your visa application.

Does the Skills Assessment Certificate expire?

The Council has no expiry date for the Skills Assessment Certificate. However, the DHA may only accept your Skills Assessment Certificate after a certain timeframe after the date of issue. Please contact DHA directly to know how soon you must apply for your visa after receiving the Skills Assessment Certificate.

What if my employment changes while waiting for my application outcome?

You must keep the Council updated of any changes to your current employment once your application has been submitted.

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