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Over the last several months, the Council has undergone a period of change and renewal across our governance groups, including the Board of Directors and Committees.

We are extremely grateful for the contribution and dedication of those who are concluding their terms with us, and recognise that their work has helped the Council to continue providing high-quality accreditation and assessment services. Many of them have been with us for over 6 years and have been part of the transformation that has taken place.

As we have carefully considered who will join the Council and fill the vacancies left by the outgoing Directors and Committee members, we have intentionally sought significant diversity on our Board of Directors and Committees with a desire to reflect the physiotherapy profession and the broader community. It gives us great pleasure to welcome and introduce our new Directors and Committee Members.

Thank you to the following outgoing Directors:

  • Associate Professor Shane Patman
  • Ms Kathy Grudzinskas

Thank you to the following outgoing Accreditation Committee members:

  • Dr Margaret Potter
  • Associate Professor Shylie Macintosh

Thank you to the following outgoing Assessment Committee members:

  • Professor Elizabeth (Libby) Cardell
  • Mrs Annette Dillon

Welcome to our new Directors of the Board:

  • Associate Professor Michael Reynolds
  • Associate Professor Belinda Lange

Welcome to our new Accreditation Committee members:

  • Dr Roma Forbes
  • Associate Professor Nicole Freene

Welcome to our new Assessment Committee members:

  • Mr Francis Nona
  • Ms Taryn Jones
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