Rachel Reichman

Strategy & People Lead

My diverse professional background has seen me work in Management Consultancy, private and social enterprise, Government, philanthropy, tertiary education and NFP sectors.  Relational engagement underpins every professional (and personal) encounter.  My collaborative and can-do approach provides me with deep insights, allows me to connect problems with innovative solutions and engage with all stakeholders to achieve – and exceed – desired outcomes.

I am a curious learner and committed to being responsive in any given situation.  At the Council, I am passionate about bringing people together for genuine mutual benefit and then identifying ways to help them achieve their aspirations – be that a fellow Villager, our senior leadership Team, our esteemed CEO and/or our Board.  So confession number one…my Village name is Connector or Lego for short (…you join the dots).

Being Part of the Village Means…

I feel that I share in and own the future success of the Village. Therefore I’m constantly looking for ways to make it a great work environment for our Villagers, and find new and innovative opportunities for us to grow and achieve our strategic vision.

The Real Rachel in 120 Words or Less:

  • My Three Favourite F Words Are… Family, Faith and Food
  • I can’t stand arrogance
  • Please don’t tell me… “it can’t be done”
  • Life’s Ambition…to raise my children to be well adjusted adults who help bring out the best in others and make a positive impact in the world
  • Personal Mottos: … (1) Every life is valuable; and (2) Leave people and things better than you found them






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Rachel Reichman

Strategy & People Lead


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