Peter Hernandez

General Manager – Technology (The Guru)

As the Council’s IT and Program Manager, I am responsible for designing (as I like to refer to it as) perfect-for-purpose solutions, managing all IT projects and innovating with technology.

With an extensive career in Systems Engineering and IT Service Management, including serving as the IT Manager and Solutions Architect for Telstra iVision – where I delivered an organisation-wide transformation – I have a proven track record of leadership, business outcomes and customer focus, as well as applying logic and systems thinking to optimise customer-centric processes.

My great professional passions include: understanding complex business requirements and translating them into technical requirements for implementation, real time digital communications related solutions and mentoring.

But a Nerd I Assure You I Am Not…

Would you know for example that I play a mean bass and before I leave this wonderful planet I would love to sit with lions? Not quite sure exactly where or when that will happen, but it is high up on my bucket list.

Around the Village I am apparently known as the guy “who knows his stuff” and the Tech Dude…

shhhhhhhhhhh…but when Pete fixes things of monumental proportions – which happens on a minute to minute basis – Pete is actually known as the Guru…but we use that term sparingly, to keep him grounded.

I love the Village Because…

I feel comfortable, understood and accepted and because we are in an industry that really impacts people’s lives for the better.




Pete’s Peculiarities

Perhaps it’s no wonder that the late great Albert Einstein is someone I admire for his crazy intelligence. And as long as we’re sharing, I am fluent in French and Italian, I can’t abide people leaving kitchen cupboards open (warning: fellow Villagers), I dreamt of being a fighter pilot (…until…fifteen minutes ago) and the philosophy I live by is:

“Go for it, no matter how it ends, it was an experience”

Oh…one last thing…I share the same birth name as singer Bruno Mars. Clearly, by association, I am no nerd!!! OK, OK, perhaps I protesteth too much…





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General Manager – Technology


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