Kate Cummins

Executive Support

As a passionate and proactive generalist my career has traversed hospitality, public relations and administration. Strong attention to detail, exceptional time management and analytical skills have been a constant throughout.

Now to things I am passionate about…

I am a brunch loving, Yoga practicing, team player who grew up dreaming of owning my own restaurant or boutique hotel chain with locations in cities like Melbourne, London, New York or Paris. That dream has now morphed into wanting to regularly travel to those said locations and experiencing their finest eateries. Less exertion, more pleasure. Win/Win? Non?

I live with an attitude of gratitude and firmly believe you must appreciate what you have and be kind to one another (gotta love Ellen!) My absolute love of people has meant that my career – irrespective of role – has always been dedicated to providing all stakeholders with the highest standards of customer service. …well that’s at least what I thought until I joined the Council. It’s only in the Village where I truly came to understand what customer obsession actually means.

You See…

  • In our Village…customer obsession is foundational
  • In our Village, customer obsession is championed from the top down
  • In our Village, we are all family to each other – i.e. the family we conscientiously choose, as opposed the family we are born into
  • And in our Village – whilst we obviously cannot guarantee the outcome for our overseas qualified physios – our philosophy ensures that every encounter is supportive, responsive and generous.   Just as it should be!!!







Kate Cummins

Executive Support


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