Eshan Sandanayake

General Manager – Corporate Services & Company Secretary

I am a Financial Manager, with over 13 years’ experience in both the commercial and NFP sectors.  My career has taken me to the United States, Bermuda (yes…I too feel a Beach Boys song coming on…and yes, it will be stuck in your head all day after reading my Bio) and now Melbourne.  Australia based positions have included my role as the Finance Manager of the Australian Conservation Foundation and Financial Controller of the Australian Communities Foundation.

In 2016  I completed my Master of Management at the University of Melbourne which catapulted me into broader management roles, including most recently my tenure as the Business Operations Manager for Earthwatch Australia, the international environmental charity.


Some Random Musings from Me, Express Pace Eshan…

A team player, a family man and a keen cricketer is probably the best way to describe me.

My passions in life are my beautiful wife and two little boys…OK, OK… sport doesn’t fall far behind.

Growing up in Sri Lanka I dreamt of being a professional cricketer (…and still do…just don’t tell Anton how much I practice on the weekends)

I am passionate about social justice, so its perhaps no surprise then that Nelson Mandela is a person I deeply admired for his courage, determination and humility.

It’s also no surprise that the Village has come to mean so much to me in such a short period of time; an organisation that really lives and breathes its values.  So even though Colombo is 8, 351 km from Melbourne and Bermuda, 17,284km (alright, so I’m a numbers guy), in many ways since having joined the Council, I have really come home.



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Eshan Sandanayake

General Manager – Corporate Services & Company Secretary



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