Darren Lee

General Manager – Assessment

A proud policy wonk with comprehensive understanding and applied knowledge of social and public health policy analysis, planning and development. I have extensive firsthand experience in facilitating committee/community engagement and have devoted the best part of a decade to the Physiotherapy profession.

In another life, I was a web designer-developer with expertise in website architecture and graphic design.  Full of contradictions, I am an analytical and non-linear thinker, which makes for an interesting problem solver.

Around the Village I am apparently known as the Oracle…



I love the Village because…

It’s my home away from home


  • I have a military license to drive a bus (A What to drive a What???)
  • I revile mosaic tiles in bathrooms
  • Being anywhere, literally anywhere, with my beloved wife, is my happy place
  • I always hoped to be someone who would do something to change someplace
  • My colleagues would think of me as a tall, skinny, nerd
  • I’m still in search for the best Ted Talk I’ve ever seen which leads me to my final point
  • An eternal optimist, I live my life by the adage that “the best is yet to be”

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Darren Lee

General Manager – Assessment 


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