Anton Barnett-Harris

Chief Executive Officer (The Village Chief)

With a proven international executive management track record, I am outcomes driven and achievement oriented, but people-centred above all else.

Prior to joining the Council, I was the General Manager – Education, Events, and International at The Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, the leading membership, education, training and professional development organisation for the insurance and finance industry in the Asia-Pacific region.  Previously, I held senior leadership positions in Cape Town, New Zealand and Australia at Pearson and their accreditation company, Edexcel.

My professional motto that has straddled my entire career is: Always Start and End with People.

On the Village…

“When I commenced this role, I never expected to inherit such an incredibly talented team (the Village) who are completely committed to joining me on this journey of customer-centric obsession, innovation, agility and cementing our place as a world authority in the Physiotherapy landscape.”




On Innovation & Customer Obsession…

“Customer driven innovation, grounded in deep customer understanding and responsiveness, is at the heart of everything we do at the Council.  It allows us to continually reinvent ourselves to deliver what’s critical for customers and provide the best supports possible to either make the dream of working and living in this wonderful country a reality or successfully accrediting organisations to run world-standard Physiotherapy Courses”

On Culture and Being an Employer of Choice

“I believe in a culture where risks are encouraged; failure is only a euphemism for growth; and kindness and generosity is paramount.

“At the end of the day, it’s about empowering individuals to contribute ideas and make an impact, as well as setting goals that challenge employees to step outside their comfort zone. Making the Council a great place to work and being an employer of choice is as essential for the success of all Services Organisations, as it is for any Fortune 500 company”

Things You Didn’t Know About Anton and
Were (Possibly) Too Afraid to Ask:

3 pet peeves (…that true to form, start and end with people):

  1. Rude and selfish people
  2. People with an entitlement expectation
  3. Australian cricket commentators


Immediate family and then my extended family at work

The Village

I love the Village because… we are working with wonderful people, tackling important challenges with an innovative mindset. The outcomes have an important impact on who we are becoming and effects the difference we can make in our world. But mostly it’s about the people and being in a place where I belong…

Hidden Talents

Cooking, wine and cheese making (in that order), fly-fishing and photography

Hope to be remembered for being…

A brilliant Father and Husband

Best Professional Skills

I am intuitive with people and I daydream about big ideas and where they all intersect. I would also say I care deeply about my people

Colleagues Would Describe Me as Being…

Interested, entrepreneurial and generous

When I’m Not Working and Not Loving and Not Cooking I’m…

Director of Help Charitable Trust – working with underprivileged kids in Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa

Before I Leave the Planet, I Want to Make Sure That…

My wife and kids know how much they are loved and that they can thrive without me being around

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Chief Executive Officer


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