The Village

Call it our Philosophy…our Culture…our Village

Our Story

In May 2017, 13 people from all walks of life embarked on a two day journey in the crisp countryside of Warburton, Victoria.

The brief was simple, but the impact…life changing.

Anton, our CEO, (who we refer to as our Village Chief…but more of that later…) asked us to UNPLUG, STOP, CONNECT, SHARE, GIGGLE, explore NATURE, EAT HEALTHILY and INVEST deeply.  And the vision?

To turn ourselves inside out, discover who we are as a team, unpack why we have pursued careers at the Council and what makes us all so genuinely invested in wanting our organisation to thrive, innovate and lead in the global health assessment and accreditation space.

Ultimately, Anton wanted us to build a home away from home that enlivens us every day, a place where we are motivated to give our all and a workplace that supports and earns our loyalty and unwavering commitment.


After much laughter and candour, story swapping and invariable tears – not to mention a few games involving mouthguards, semi-impaired speech and hot tea – we collectively came up with this:

“We want to champion a cohesive, innovative and supportive workplace so that we are proud to go to work each day; inspired by the common professional goal we share and affirmed by the Village we work in.”

Welcome to our Village!!!

Our Villagers hail from all corners of the earth. Each and every one of us proudly espouses and is fiercely protective of, our organisational values that lie at the very heart of all we are and all we do.

But Make no Mistake…

…we uphold these values because of the wonderful people and Educational Providers we serve.

You are our inspiration; our muse. Our values mean nothing unless you feel a touch of our Village magic. It extends to all those we have the privilege of connecting with across the globe, each and every day.

Walking our Talk

Please let us know how we are doing in walking the Village talk. Your feedback and insights are critical and they genuinely matter to us.

As a profoundly caring and proficient bunch, we are determined to make your experience with our Council as exceptional as the world standard Physiotherapists we assess, and the esteemed Education Provider’s Physiotherapy Courses, we accredit.

We weren’t kidding when we told you we were customer obsessed!!!

Now please allow us to introduce our Village People…

Our Team

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