Assessment for Skilled Migration Visas

what is an assessment for a skilled migration visa?

Some of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)’s work visas need you to nominate an occupation included in one of the lists of eligible skilled occupations. They may also require an assessment of your qualifications and skills, known as a “Skills Assessment”. To check if your visa requires a Skills Assessment, please click here.

The Council’s Role

The Council conducts Skills Assessments on behalf of DHA for the occupation of “Physiotherapist”. We perform this separately to our role in assessing qualifications for the purposes of General Registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board).  Registration with the Board is necessary to practice as a physio in Australia.

You Can Apply for a Skills Assessment if you…

… already hold (or meet the qualification requirement for) General Registration with the Board.  This means you need to possess at least one of the following:








What If I Don’t Meet the Application Requirements?

If you do not currently meet any of the above requirements you will need to go through the necessary steps to qualify for a Skills Assessment.  This could be by:

What Type of Skills Assessment Do I Need?

The type of Skills Assessment you need will depend on the visa you are applying for.  We offer Skills Assessments for Temporary Graduate Visas as well as Permanent Residence/Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visas.  Please see the ‘Further Assessment Information’ section below for further details on the application process for a Skills Assessment for each of these types of visa.

Which Visa Should I Apply For?

Please note that the Council unfortunately cannot provide specific migration advice or information on appropriate visa selection, as this is outside our scope.  Advice and information on migration processes and requirements should be obtained from DHA; an Australian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission; or a migration agent registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Further Assessment Information

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