FLYR Pathway

Eligible candidates with qualifications from approved countries can access the FLYR Pathway. Physiotherapy education, training, regulation and practice in FLYR approved countries have been assessed to be substantially comparable to Australia.

Why is this good news for candidates?

The FLYR Pathway offers a streamlined assessment journey towards becoming a physiotherapist in Australia. Eligible candidates bypass the Clinical Assessment stage, and the Cultural Safety Training and Written Assessment can be completed without travelling to Australia.

FLYR Pathway saves candidates time and money in completing assessments.

How does a candidate access the FLYR Pathway?

Applicants need to first apply for the points-based Eligibility Assessment. To qualify for FLYR, candidates will need to have 140 points which can be met by:

  • Having completed an entry-level physiotherapy qualification in an approved FLYR country (50 points)
  • Having held registration without restriction with the relevant regulatory body within the past 5 years (40 points)
  • Practice without any restrictions (30 points)
  • Having an entry-level qualification that is diploma-level or higher (20 points)

(*Singapore candidates must have completed a Bachelor-level degree)

What assessments does a FLYR candidate need to complete?

The key components that a candidate will need to complete in the FLYR Pathway are:

  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Cultural Safety Training
  • Written Assessment

All components can be completed online and remotely.

What are the approved FLYR countries?

  • Canada
  • Hong Kong (SAR of China)
  • the United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Singapore*
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands

(*Qualification must be Bachelor-level degree)

How is a country considered to be included in the FLYR Pathway?

The Council undertakes a rigorous assessment before including a country on the approved list of FLYR countries.

Each country is thoroughly reviewed and assessed from a number of perspectives to examine their comparability to Australia, including, for example, the education and training of physiotherapists, the scope of physiotherapy practice, the regulation of the profession, and the practice of physiotherapy within the country’s health system.

Next steps

To begin your FLYR assessment journey, apply for your eligibility assessment.

Apply for an Eligibility Assessment

Further Assessment Information

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