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Ensuring excellence in Australian healthcare while providing international physiotherapists the opportunity to thrive in Australia

The Council’s Assessments are designed to evaluate overseas qualified physiotherapists, ensuring they meet the entry level standards of physiotherapy practice in Australia. This gives confidence that every physiotherapist entering the Australian workforce via the Council’s pathways meet the expected standard.

The Australian physiotherapy profession is globally renowned for its commitment to excellence. To uphold this standard, the Council collaborates with various bodies to ensure that our assessments maintain the profession’s high level of quality and safety. By evaluating international physiotherapists’ education, registration, knowledge, and clinical capabilities, the Council ascertains their readiness to practice as safe and effective entry-level physiotherapists in Australia.

The main objective is to deliver physiotherapists who provide quality and safe practice to the broader Australian community.

Our assessment journey allows international physiotherapists to integrate confidently into the Australian healthcare system. When an international physiotherapist receives a Final Certificate from the Council, employers can be confident these practitioners meet the required standard. In addition, the integrity and breadth of our assessments are designed to instill confidence for Australian employers that international physiotherapists are safe and effective across various clinical settings.

The Council strongly advocates for international physiotherapists to pursue our assessment pathways toward General Registration and growing their physiotherapy career.

Ultimately, the Australian community expects all physiotherapists to demonstrate their alignment with Australian standards, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care.

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