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Unveiling Indigenous artwork by Safina Stewart

The Council is excited to share our partnership with Melbourne-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist Safina Stewart to create two sister paintings that represent our Reconciliation Journey. The paintings, together titled ‘Holding True’, were unveiled in December 2023 and are now displayed at our office in Melbourne.

Safina’s Aboriginal heritage comes from Wuthathi Country in Far North Queensland, her Torres Strait Islander heritage comes from Mabuiag Island, and her non-Indigenous heritage comes from Scotland.

The artworks serve as powerful symbols of the Council’s dedicated efforts in its Reconciliation Journey, with a commitment to positively impact the wellbeing of all Australians and communities through quality healthcare.

The Council continues to be committed to providing culturally safe and welcoming environments for First Nations visitors, friends and staff. Our ongoing focus is to make space for First Nations perspectives, voices and input into our work.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Safina for using her gift of storytelling to collaborate and create these spectacular pieces for us.

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