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The FLYR Pathway is a streamlined assessment process designed to swiftly enable eligible international physiotherapists to join the Australian physiotherapy profession within a matter of months.

Equipping international physiotherapists to successfully join the Australian physiotherapy profession and meet the workforce needs is one of the Council’s utmost priorities. One of the ways the Council enables this is the FLYR Pathway, which expedites the entry of physiotherapists from countries with similar standards of practice to those of Australia.

The FLYR Pathway involves completion of the Eligibility Assessment, Cultural Safety Training and Written Assessment, ensuring that physiotherapists can seamlessly join the Australian workforce in less than 5 months. All components of the pathway can be done online without ever travelling to Australia.

What are the FLYR Countries?

FLYR countries undergo meticulous evaluation to ensure compatibility with Australian standards, evaluating various factors including the education and training of physiotherapists, the scope of practice, the regulation of the profession, and the practice of physiotherapy within the country’s health system.

The FLYR Countries currently include:

  • South Africa
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore

Who is eligible?

How can an international physiotherapist from a FLYR country qualify for the pathway? The applicant must tick all of the following requirements:

  1. Completed an entry-level physiotherapy (i.e. an undergraduate/Bachelor’s equivalent) qualification in a FLYR country.
  2. Held registration without restriction with the relevant regulatory body within the past 5 years
  3. Ability to practice without any restrictions
  4. Held an entry-level qualification that is diploma-level or higher. (For Singaporean physiotherapists, completion of a Bachelor-level degree is mandatory)

Explore FLYR Pathway

As the second fastest option after the Express FLYR Pathway, the FLYR Pathway offers a swift assessment that can be conveniently completed remotely. For more information about this pathway, head to our FLYR Pathway page.

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