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The Council recognises that the true strength of our accreditation and assessment services lies with our people.

At the governance level, we have the privilege of working with highly skilled and experienced physiotherapy professionals whose service and dedication have been invaluable.

We are grateful to Mark Round for his incredible contribution as Board Director at the Council for the last 2 years. He has helped the Council in numerous ways, some of which include sharing his own story and being a part of the Council’s video series. We wish him well as he takes on the role of the Board Chair at the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Thank you to the following outgoing Accreditation Committee members:

Prof Wayne Hing. We recognise Wayne’s 9 year long service and dedication to the Accreditation Committee. We acknowledge his significant contribution to the Committee and advocacy for the Council at the CPDANZ forum. We are grateful as he continues to work with the Council as Accreditation Assessor.

Thank you to the following outgoing Assessment Committee members:

Kathy Grudzinskas. Kathy was a long term Board member of the Council and an outstanding leader across many facets of the physiotherapy profession including regulation, accreditation and assessment of international practitioners. She chaired the Assessment Committee for the last few years.

Dr Beatrice Tucker. Beatrice brought her wealth of educational experience and knowledge in upholding standards of physiotherapy to the Committee’s work through assessment changes and improvements over the last 9 years.

Welcome to our new Director of the Board:

Peter Tziavrangos

Welcome to our new Accreditation Committee members:

Dr Robyn Fary

Prof Gisela Sole

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