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The Council prides itself on the calibre, diversity, and strength of its people.

Our accreditation process is built on the independent evaluation and quality assurance by the Council’s Accreditation Panel of physiotherapy educators to ensure that the program meets the Accreditation Standard. The Accreditation Panel consists of highly experienced physiotherapy academics and practitioners who bring their wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the accreditation process.

In April 2023, the Council hosted a face-to-face Accreditation Panel training day in Brisbane for 25 panel members from all around Australia, welcoming 3 new panel members to the fold.

During the sessions, the Council introduced panel members to new technology, facilitated various training sessions, and hosted a lively dinner gathering.

Moderated by long-term member Margaret Potter an experienced Accreditation Panel Chair, the event was designed to be engaging and equipping. The panel members had a chance to hear from the Chair of the Board of Directors, Melissa Locke, who shared some insights about the challenges the profession faces today including workforce shortages.

A key highlight was a chance to complete a DiSC assessment to improve communication and understanding among the team members, this behavioural assessment is known to build better teams and was a useful tool for the panel members.

Meeting in person after a long time, panel members also had an opportunity to reflect on last year’s learnings, challenges and experiences. Our newer Indigenous panel members shared their valuable experiences and reflections over the last year, which informed the plan for the accreditation process this year.

The Council organised this training day to bring this group of highly regarded professionals to work together and further embed the Council’s values.

To deliver fair, robust, and consistent accreditation that education providers can confidently expect, the Council works alongside panel members to ensure they are well-equipped, informed, and supported to uphold the safety and standards of the Australian physiotherapy profession through accreditation.

If you would like to know more about our accreditation services, click here.

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