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As an assessment authority, representing the physiotherapy profession and national scheme for the assessment of physiotherapists, the Council takes significant measures to uphold the integrity of the assessment process and ensure fairness for all candidates seeking to join the Australian physiotherapy profession. One of the key measures is to ensure that candidates are abiding by the Council’s Misconduct Policy.

What is Misconduct in the Written Assessment?

In light of a recent misconduct incident and with the Written Assessment taking place this week, all candidates are urged to read and abide by the Misconduct Policy.

One of the potential ways to breach the Policy during the Written Assessment is through cheating, which the Misconduct Policy defines as:

Misconduct Policy 3.1.c

Cheating, where a candidate acts in such a way as to seek to gain unfair advantage or assist another candidate to do so.

The Policy includes examples of cheating and misconduct that candidates should be familiar with, in order to avoid breaching the Policy.

What are the consequences of breaching the Misconduct Policy?

The Council advises all candidates about the serious consequences of breaching this policy, including candidates’ eligibility to practise physiotherapy in Australia.

What is Council doing to uphold the Misconduct Policy?

The Council has systems and processes in place to monitor exams and platforms, including social media, to identify actual or attempted breaches of the Policy.

This is a timely reminder to all candidates undertaking the Council’s assessments that the assessments are designed to be fair and robust, ensuring overseas qualified practitioners meet the competencies to join the Australian physiotherapy profession. Our profession prides itself on having safe and ethical physiotherapists serving the Australian community. Candidates seeking to join the Australian profession need to demonstrate not only their clinical knowledge and competency but their willingness to uphold the standards and ethical conduct expected of healthcare professionals in Australia.

To ensure that assessment candidates are abiding by the Council’s policies, please read the Misconduct Policy.

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