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At the start of a new year, all of us both individually, and as an organisation, including here at the Council have the opportunity to reflect on what lies ahead. A chance to take stock, review what we’ve been doing and consider our priorities and deliverables for the coming months and what plans we need to put in place to help us succeed.

Our organisation is one of the most special and unique places I’ve had the privilege to work in. This isn’t just because I hold the role of leader and CEO but because of the culture, who we are – that honestly makes me get out of bed and genuinely want to come to work.

I’m often asked what is the Council like?

I always begin my answer with ‘it’s about the people.’ But what do I really mean by this, and why does it matter?

A wise mentor once told me that it's more important to intentionally choose the people you’ll work with than simply the work itself. This is why we’ve created the Village culture here at the Council.

My philosophy of leadership is that the organisation is only as good as the people and culture those people form together, and that loving people allows them to bring their best.

When I talk about love, I mean seeing who they are and who they are becoming, believing the best of that person, allowing them to bring their whole selves to work – their stories, their dreams and fears, their skills and experiences, their families and pets.

At the Council, we give our heart and soul to the work that we deliver to our customers and stakeholders, but more importantly its to the people …

to the people we work with, our Village which includes our staff, Board and committees, advisory groups, assessors, panel members

to the people we engage with, our stakeholders and partners involved in and impacted by our work

to the people we provide services to, the Australian universities being accredited and the internationally trained physiotherapists migrating to Australia to join our physiotherapy profession

to the people who will one day receive physiotherapy treatment from our overseas physiotherapists

It’s in the core DNA of who we are as an organisation, we live and breathe this and it fuels and inspires us each day we come to work.

Why does being ‘people obsessed’ and ‘love’ matter?

Our customers know that even when the processes and standards of Australian physiotherapy are a high bar to reach, the Council treats each person we interact with, with dignity, value and respect.

When visitors come into our office or meet with us, they know that we put the person above the project, process or exam result.

We don’t just say we love people, we are committed to it.

Positioned for whatever 2024 brings

This year of 2024, we predict will be another year of change, adapting to the world we live and work in, and responding to the needs of the Australian public who rely on high quality physiotherapists to support their health and wellbeing.

Our positive leadership and contribution to the healthcare system that we work in are recognised by key stakeholders.

We are known for the way we work … we collaborate, we bring diverse experts and stakeholders together, and we challenge ourselves and others to unify for positive health outcomes.

We ask ‘what’s best for our communities?' … the physiotherapy profession, the healthcare system, and the patients who will be treated by Australian physiotherapists.

Therefore, whatever circumstances unfold in the coming year, we are confident that the Council’s ethos, our values and culture, our commitment to people and our leadership, will enable us to navigate and positively lead and influence throughout 2024.

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