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The new year of 2023 has begun with an ambitious vision and program of works for the Council, as we remain focused on our contribution to ensuring tomorrow's physiotherapy workforce.

Our organisation has continued to respond to the demands of the changing world, as well as growing interest from overseas physiotherapists to join the Australian physiotherapy profession, at a time when we recognise the workforce shortages across the entire healthcare system.

At the Council's AGM late last year, I was honoured to be re-elected as the Chair of the Board, and am invigorated for another 2 years. Together with our Board of Directors, our staff and our valued partners, we are well positioned and committed to positively contribute to key activities that will drive our physiotherapy profession forward.

In the coming years, we intend to keep investing in the strong partnerships that we have formed and the Council's reputation with various key stakeholders as an innovative, responsive and agile organisation, that is looking for solutions to address issues such as workforce, the future skills and capabilities of physiotherapists and university programs equipping students to enter the workforce.

The Council has seen an increase in applications from overseas physiotherapists who are wanting to be assessed as part of their journey to be a registered Australian physiotherapist. We can now facilitate these physiotherapists being assessed within one year of them commencing their assessment pathway – a fantastic achievement given the last few years.

Our team are responding to numerous Government Reviews that are considering how accreditation and assessing authorities, such as the Council, can evolve to serve our constituents and the broader Australian community.

And we are investing in and innovating new ways to support overseas physiotherapists being assessed through our pathways, and improving the processes and systems for university programs being accredited by the Council. These initiatives are designed to uphold the standards while enabling more physiotherapists to join the Australian profession and meet the ongoing demands for physiotherapy services.

We firmly believe that physiotherapists play a vital role in the health and well-being of the population and communities across this diverse land of Australia.

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