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The Council is pleased to announce the launch of our new Express FLYR Pathway—the shortest pathway.

What is the Express FLYR Pathway?

This pathway provides eligible international physiotherapists the opportunity to complete their assessment journey in just 4 weeks, eliminating the need to travel to Australia to be assessed.

The Express FLYR Pathway includes only one assessment stage, the Eligibility Assessment and Cultural Safety Training, removing the requirement for other stages such as Written Assessment or Clinical Assessment.

Who is eligible for the Express FLYR Pathway?

To qualify, international physiotherapists must meet these criteria, and be qualified and registered in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong (SAR of China)

The new pathway is currently open to all eligible international physiotherapists, allowing them to directly apply for their Eligibility Assessment.

Why were the above countries chosen as Express FLYR countries?

The Council carefully evaluated and assessed each country to ensure its comparability to Australia. Factors such as the education and training of physiotherapists, the scope of physiotherapy practice, the regulation of the profession, and the practice of physiotherapy within the country’s health system were thoroughly considered during the selection process.

Why did we introduce a new pathway?

The Council is dedicated to enabling greater access for international physiotherapists to join the Australian physiotherapy profession. The introduction of Express FLYR Pathway aligns with the Council’s vision of creating a positive and seamless assessment experience for international physiotherapists seeking to join the esteemed Australian physiotherapy profession.

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