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The Council’s Express FLYR Pathway addresses the increasing demand for safe and effective physiotherapists to meet the healthcare needs of the Australian community.

This pathway enables international physiotherapists to join the Australian physiotherapy profession in a matter of weeks—an exciting opportunity for employers looking to enhance and diversify their teams.

Express FLYR Pathway: A new pool for employers

As an Australian employer, have you ever considered hiring an overseas qualified physiotherapist from an Express FLYR country?

After extensive research and evaluation, the Council has found that Express FLYR countries—UK, Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong—share similar practice standards with Australia. This means that physiotherapists from these countries can make an excellent addition to your team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

By tapping into the pool of Express FLYR physiotherapists, you can rapidly expand your team with diverse and international perspectives while adding value to your organisation.

If you are looking to strengthen your team and meet the needs of your organisation and patients, it’s time to explore the Express FLYR Pathway and consider employing overseas qualified physiotherapists to work in Australia. The best part about the Express FLYR Pathway is that the process can be streamlined to take as little as 4 weeks, allowing you to quickly address staffing shortages and enhance your team’s performance.

What do you need to consider to employ an Express FLYR physiotherapist?

  1. Assessment through the Council
  2. Registration through Ahpra
  3. Migration and visa requirements through the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

The Express FLYR Pathway demonstrates the Council’s commitment to enabling the Australian physiotherapy workforce.

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