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Australian physiotherapists are known around the globe for being world class and a great profession to be part of. Our profession is enhanced by the contribution made by hundreds of overseas qualified physiotherapists working in the Australian healthcare system, and serving the diverse needs of our multicultural and multigenerational communities. 

With workforce shortages across many parts of our healthcare system, the Australian Physiotherapy Council recognises that overseas qualified physiotherapists can help meet these workforce demands.

If you’re considering employing an overseas qualified physiotherapist, what questions could you ask to determine their knowledge, experience, and clinical capability?

  • Do you have General Registration with Ahpra?
  • Where did you gain your physiotherapy qualification?
  • Have you completed one of the Australian Physiotherapy Council’s assessment pathways?
  • What countries have you worked as a physiotherapist in?
  • What type of clinical experience do you have?

As a strong supporter of the Australian physiotherapy profession and the broader community, the Council provides assessment pathways that ensure overseas qualified physiotherapists meet Australian standards.

These assessment pathways assess the applicant’s education, registration, knowledge, and clinical capability to practice as an entry-level safe, and effective Australian physiotherapist.

As an employer of physiotherapists, there are many wonderful and highly capable overseas qualified physiotherapists who can work within your healthcare setting to provide safe and effective physiotherapy services. A Council Final Certificate or Certificate of Substantial Equivalence demonstrates your applicant has successfully completed their assessment with the Australian Physiotherapy Council – the only approved assessment authority for physiotherapy in Australia.

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