Samantha Cole

Project Officer

Born and bred in New Zealand, but absolutely blossomed in Australia.

My professional background is fairly diverse, having worked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom before calling Australia home some three years ago. With experience spanning Management, Commerce and International Business my career has included working for the Department of Internal Affairs in NZ and BVS Training in London – the UK’s leading provider of video-based health and social care training.

I have always gravitated to roles with organisations that peak my interest. But four condition precedents have served as my career compass.  You see, I have always needed to work in environments where:

  1. My ambition is encouraged;
  2. My problem-solving zeal is embraced;
  3. My sarcastic wit (I prefer to simply refer to as wit) is appreciated; and
  4. A place where my love of people is equally shared by my colleagues.   

And when the four coalesce, magic happens.  So, to have found myself working as the Village’s Project Officer is literally a dream come true.


I’m a travelling obsessed, jigsaw puzzle whiz who reviles food left in the strainer, adores and admires my beautiful mum, abhors the use of “kewl” in text messages, once dreamt of being an astronaut, dreams now of opening a wine bar with my gorgeous hubby and live by the motto “to infinity and beyond”…I don’t think Buzz would mind.

In my spare time you can find me picking up fruit and veg from my local market, exploring the wonders of the extraordinary city that is Melbourne or watching Orange is the New Black…but don’t expect to see me out of my PJs before 9:00am on any given weekend morning.




Fellow Villagers

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