Peter Hernandez

General Manager – Technology

At the Council, Peter is responsible for designing perfect-for-purpose solutions and managing all IT projects while guiding and mentoring the team to advance and innovate in its use of technology.

With an extensive career in systems engineering and IT service management, including serving as the IT Manager and Solutions Architect for Telstra iVision where Peter delivered an organisation-wide transformation, he has a proven track record of leadership, business outcomes, and customer focus, as well as applying logic and systems thinking to optimise customer-centric processes.

Professionally, his passion includes understanding complex business requirements, simplifying, and executing real-time digital solutions. He underpins kindness and trusting people as a professional anchor that helps him successfully navigate all work situations.

Being part of the Village means…

Really impacting people’s lives for the better while being comfortable, understood, and accepted at work. Peter considers the Village a family that is stronger together. To this atmosphere, Peter’s easy-going, quirky, and joyful personality brings a sense of fun and enjoyment. He also brings his expertise as a tech guru to be Mr. Fix It whenever the team needs it.

Beyond the Council…

Peter is a mean bass player, is fluent in French and Italian, and enjoys practicing mindfulness techniques that stimulate deep thinking.

He loves technology, cameras, and pretty much all media equipment. And while still on the lookout for what more to add to his ever-growing interests and passion, he lets these words ground his quest: “Go for it, no matter how it ends, it was an experience”.

Fellow Villagers

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