Nikki Utensute

Assessment Officer

After working across continents and various sectors, Nikki brings her diverse, interprofessional and creative experience to her work at the Council.

Born in Thailand, Nikki grew up with a passion for children and social justice which led her to work at the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection under the Ministry of Justice. She later moved to the United States where she was a school counsellor for juvenile delinquents.

In Australia, Nikki reinvented her career by transitioning to hospitality. She worked as a Chef in Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and later as a Team Leader at Nespresso.

Shaped by her work in government, non-profit and hospitality, Nikki’s diverse work experience taught her a lot about people and how to work well with them on different levels.

In 2018, she joined the Council with a unique perspective in customer service which elevated the team’s approach and processes. Nikki is highly organised, responsible, thorough, and efficient in her work. A life-long learner with an appetite to stretch beyond her comfort zone, Nikki makes herself available to assist colleagues and support the team as much as she can. She is a resilient, social, collaborative and highly valued part of the team, with a can-do attitude that is comparable to none.

Being part of the Village means…

Having a second home.
As a workplace, she considers the Village warm, respectful, kind, and inclusive.

Beyond the Council…

Family plays a crucial role in Nikki’s life—the family that you’re born into and the family you find along the way.
As a lover of food, she loves exploring and experimenting with all that Melbourne’s food scene has to offer.


Fellow Villagers

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