Natalie Wilkie

Assessment Manager

As an operational whiz, Natalie has devoted most of her professional life to the not-for-profit sector working across various functions including event management, volunteer management, resourcing, logistics, fundraising, and advocacy.

While managing the Council’s Sim Lab, Natalie draws from her study in teaching and experience in team management, rostering, recruitment, and training, to create an organised and positive atmosphere for everyone involved. Her proactive spirit makes sure to leave room for error and surprises which enables her to be present with people. She has a knack for harnessing strengths in others and facilitating its use for the benefit of everyone on the team. A stickler for excellence, Natalie believes consistency is the hidden ingredient behind high-quality service.

Being part of the Village means…

Being part of a culture Natalie truly connects with. Her workdays are made up of little interactions with staff and candidates which molds into an overall positive experience.

Beyond the Council…

Natalie loves reading, travelling, spending time with family and friends, live comedies, sporting events, musicals, and movies. In fact, Natalie is a true blue Potterhead who relishes all things magical (and Disney).

Natalie has a passion for calisthenics, which she teaches on the side, and is involved in causes close to her heart like cancer research.

Ultimately, Natalie believes in treating people well, because if more people did it, she is convinced that the world would be a nicer place.

Fellow Villagers

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