Lorraine Bangera

Communications Officer

Lorraine works as Communications Officer within the Engagement team at the Council. Working in media and communication for the last nine years, she brings her experience in writing and editing, website management, digital marketing, communication strategy, and social media to help advance the Council’s strategic goals. Her qualifications include a Bachelor’s in Media Studies and Graduate Diploma in International Studies and Politics.

Lorraine has worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and within various sectors including construction, marketing, entrepreneurial start-ups, environmental sustainability, and healthcare. With a journalism background, Lorraine transitioned to corporate communications when she moved from Dubai to Melbourne in 2016. Since then, she has worked in non-profits and thrives to serve in a purpose-driven organisation like the Council.

Lorraine credits her hunger for learning as one of the reasons behind her rewarding career. To her, if learning never ends, life and work can never be stagnant.

Being part of the Village means…

Working in a joyful, dynamic, and inclusive environment that has a tangible and contagious team spirit. Everyone brings their best, which creates an inspiring and uplifting workplace.

Beyond the Council…

Lorraine loves reading, writing, and long conversations with friends over lots of hot chocolate.


Fellow Villagers

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