The Village

Why do we call ourselves a Village?

The heart of the Council’s culture and approach to work and life recognises that we are individuals who come from diverse countries and walks of life, who choose to contribute to our organisation’s common purpose and focus.

Just as in a traditional village, we wholeheartedly believe that without each other, we cannot succeed and that people are at the heart of who we are and what we do. Therefore, we value and celebrate each one of our people, knowing that together we will passionately, diligently, and faithfully serve our stakeholders, customers, and partners.

Who is the Village?

The people who form our Village include our Board of Directors, Executive team, staff members, assessors, panel members, actors, committee members, and those that work with us.

Our People                Our Board


Our motivation is two-fold – 1) that our people would love coming to work and be highly engaged, and 2) that our stakeholders, customers and partners would be excellently served.

A few years ago when we sat down to articulate our organisational values, we agreed that this was our collective goal to create a truly special workplace …

“We want to champion a cohesive, innovative and supportive workplace so that we are proud to go to work each day; inspired by the common professional goal we share and affirmed by the Village we work in.”

To this day, we still believe that our organisational values ring true as to who we are and who we are becoming more of.

This intentional culture is our foundation as we strive to innovate and be global leaders in accreditation and assessment.

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