Overseas Practitioners

we are the only ASSESSMENT authority for OVERSEAS Physiotherapy Practitioners LOOKING TO WORK IN Australia

Moving to or Already Living in Australia and Thinking About Working as a Physio?

  • To practice as a physio in Australia, you need to hold General Registration with the Australian Physiotherapy Board (the Board), which is part of AHPRA.
  • Most overseas qualified physios need to have their qualifications assessed by the Council to meet the qualification requirement for General Registration with the Board**

Skills Assessment for Migration Purposes?

To apply for a Skills Assessment for migration purposes, you need to meet the qualification requirement for General Registration with the Board.

** Please be aware that the qualification requirement is only one of the requirements for General Registration with the Board and you will be required to meet other requirements and registration standards as set by the Board.

Pathways to Practice Physiotherapy in Australia
(General Registration with the Board/AHPRA)



How Do I Know if My Program is Equivalent?

We have already assessed many international University programs and found them to be substantially equivalent to an Australian entry-level qualification.  Please click the button below to see if your University, program, and cohort (years of study) have already been found to be equivalent.

See List of Equivalent Programs

If your program is not on the above list, please make an application for an Equivalence of Qualification – New Program assessment or apply via the Standard Assessment pathway.

Can I Work as a Physio Assistant?

As far as we are aware, registration is not required to work as a physio assistant in Australia.  We would recommend contacting the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) for further information on working in this capacity.


We’ve developed a simple questionnaire to help you –  international physiotherapy practitioners – understand what you might be able to do next.


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Australian Physiotherapy Organisations

Australian Physiotherapy Council (the Council)

  • Assesses the qualifications and skills of overseas qualified practitioners for General Registration with the Board, as well as for migration under the Skilled Migration framework
  • Accredits entry to practice physiotherapy programs (e.g. Bachelor of Physiotherapy) offered by Australian higher education providers
  • Advises the Board and other relevant organisations on matters relating to assessment and accreditation
  • Liaises with other national and international professional bodies, regulators and educators on matters related to standards of education and practice and global recognition of physiotherapy qualifications

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

  • Supports the 14 health profession National Boards, of which the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board) is one

Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board)

  • Registers physiotherapists and students so they can legally practice in Australia
  • Develops standards, codes and guidelines for the physiotherapy profession
  • Handles notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings
  • Approves accreditation standards and accredited courses of study

Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

  • Advocates for Australian physiotherapists and their patients
  • Membership organisation: insurance and learning resources (e.g. access to journals, professional development courses)

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