Working in Australia

All physiotherapists must hold registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

The typical pathway to General Registration for an overseas qualified physiotherapist is:

Typical assessment pathway for an overseas qualified physiotherapist

Most overseas qualified physiotherapists need to have their qualifications assessed by the Australian Physiotherapy Council to meet one of the eligibility requirements for General Registration.

There are two assessment pathways for the purpose of General Registration available to overseas qualified physiotherapists:

  • The Standard Assessment Pathway comprising of an Eligibility Assessment, a Written Assessment, and a Clinical Assessment.
  • The Equivalence of Qualification Pathway is an accelerated assessment process which measures evidence of overseas training courses and qualifications against the requirements for accreditation of Australian physiotherapy programs.

If an overseas qualified physiotherapist is not an Australian permanent resident or citizen, an appropriate Australian visa needs to be obtained for working in the country. Some visas require an assessment of skills and qualifications for migration purposes.

To find out which assessment is suitable for you, click here

New Zealand Registered Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists who hold full registration and a current annual practising certificate issued by the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand can apply for General Registration directly to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTMRA). The Physiotherapy Board of Australia is a separate organisation to the Australian Physiotherapy Council. The Physiotherapy Board of Australia website is

Other pathways to General Registration

There are other ways to qualify for General Registration in Australia. For example, you can complete an approved physiotherapy program at an Australian University. You may find some universities would recognise your current qualification as part of the credit points for an Australian qualification. Please visit the Physiotherapy Board of Australia website for a list of approved programs:


Please Note:

The Council cannot provide specific migration advice or information on the appropriate visa selection. Advice and information on migration processes and requirements should be obtained from an Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission, the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection, or a Registered Migration Agent.

Important information is also available on the Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website


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