The Council’s COVID-19 Response

From Tuesday 7 September 2021, the Council will resume face to face simulation-based Clinical Assessments.

The Council remains committed to providing a safe environment for all staff and candidates when we recommence simulation-based Clinical Assessments, with new requirements to ensure the risks of COVID-19 transmission are carefully managed.

What is changing?

The main change is the requirement for all candidates to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated prior to attending their Clinical Assessment.

Candidates are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to complete their Clinical Assessments when attending the Council’s Simulation Lab.

The Simulation Administrator will need to sight the certificate before you will be permitted to enter the Simulation Lab.

Please contact us to discuss if you have medical contraindications to the COVID-19 vaccine. Please note that any information with regards to your vaccination status you provide to us is confidential.

Those attending the Simulation Lab for a Clinical Assessment must declare that they have not attended any COVID-19 exposure sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I am not fully COVID-19 vaccinated, is a single vaccination dose enough to attend a Clinical Assessment?

All candidates, must be FULLY vaccinated, in order to ensure disease prevention and transmission for those involved in Clinical Assessment. Government and health authorities have urged all healthcare practitioners to contribute to overcoming the pandemic by being vaccinated against COVID-19, unless medically contraindicated.



2. Will I need a permit to come to the Simulation Lab?

If a permit is required on the date of assessment, the Assessment team will ensure all candidates are provided with one for that date.

3. Do I need to wear a mask when I come into the Council office?

Yes, you are required to wear a mask during Clinical Assessments.

4. What extra precautions is the Council taking to manage the risk of COVID-19?

  1. Every person who enters our office must check-in via a QR code.
  2. Confirming COVID-19 vaccination status of all people who enter.
  3. Multiple hygiene stations are located throughout the office and Sim Lab.
  4. Increased cleaning of the Sim Lab before, during and after Clinical Assessments.

5. What if I have applied for Clinical Assessment, but am currently interstate or overseas?

At this time, there continue to be travel restrictions that may prevent some candidates from attending the Simulation Lab. The Council recommends that you check your local and Victorian Government and health authority websites to determine how restrictions might impact you.

The Council will work with candidates to offer advance assessment dates to enable them to undertake their Clinical Assessment when restrictions ease.

6. Will I lose the payment I paid if I can’t come to my clinical assessment or written assessment due to COVID restrictions?

As at 27 January 2021, the Council will reschedule assessments (without any penalty) that are impacted by unforeseen changes due to travel restrictions or requirements to quarantine. Please note however that this does not include existing restrictions, and it is the candidate’s responsibility to make their own travel arrangements and take these into consideration when assessments are scheduled.

7. Am I allowed to come into the Council office?

The Council cannot accept visitors into our office with the exception of scheduled Clinical Assessments.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, cough coughing, and sore throat) you are not permitted to enter our premises.

Candidates attending scheduled Clinical Assessments must arrive on time, but will not be permitted to enter earlier than the start time specified in their candidate dashboard.

8. Can I drop into the Council office to hand in documents and paperwork?

No, due to COVIDsafe practices, we no longer accept walk in visitors to our office. Please get in touch to know how you can submit your documents and paperwork to the Council.

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