Tammi M Faraday

Head of Strategic Communications

I began my media career with Channel Nine’s A Current Affair (ACA), but my route to the Willoughby Bunker was a little unorthodox.

Before that, I was a lawyer with Marksx Freeman Lawyers where I was promoted to Senior Associate within 12 months of my admission. I specialised in employment law, industrial relations, dispute resolution and conflict management.

Prior to this, I had an extensive human rights background where I worked in New York and Washington DC.

In 2005, with nothing more than a Transatlantic offer of a cup of coffee from Channel 4’s Head of News & Current Affairs (no one would say I am not crazy and impulsive…in that order) I hopped a flight to London and ended up working for two years as a producer on critically acclaimed and award winning feature films and feature length documentaries for the BBC (UK), WGBH (United States), SBS (Australia) and Channel 2 (Israel).

With a background as a communications, marketing and media strategist; investigative journalist; producer of internationally acclaimed documentaries; Broadcaster (television & radio presenter); digital storyteller; lawyer; advocate and pro bono solicitor; feature film and television writer;  keynote speaker; Blogger; and published writer… it’s fair to say that my life has been devoted to people, human rights, advocacy, research, high end strategic communication, journalism, analysis, “disruptive innovation”, as well as influencing outcomes, compelling storytelling & content creation in all guises and across all platforms.   

And yeah, I’m also the proudest mama of four gorgeous kids… so if you need me, just go to your nearest circus, because I am also known as the full-time JUGGLER.

Why I Love the Village

As I said to our Village Chief (Anton, our CEO) only a few short months after we moved into our bespoke premises in Richmond:

“…when I come to work I think I’ve taken a wrong turn and somehow ended up in Mountain View California.  Every day I “walk into WOW.  The people are WOW, the work is WOW, the culture is WOW and the space is…well, Googleplex.”










Tammi M Faraday

Head of Strategic Communications



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