Sonya Davis

Strategic Relationships Lead

I am an oxymoron wrapped in an enigma. I have a heart as big as Melbourne’s coffee culture and yet commenced my career in Investment Banking putting together multi-million dollar deals. Confused yet?

Combining 18 years’ experience in international financial markets, where I engineered and negotiated complex financial strategies for commercial enterprises, and my recent work in community services and the education sector, the common thread is that I take a practical no-nonsense approach in implementing radical business ideas.

Collaboration with visionary thinkers, being prepared to challenge the status quo and building sustainable businesses through innovation, practical and positive action have been hallmarks of my career, irrespective of field. Ultimately, I believe that business is a catalyst for socio-economic empowerment.



What’s more…

I spend my weekends volunteering for the City of Melbourne where I share my passion for my adopted home, with the many tourists who visit our magnificent part of the world.








And Here’s Some Other Things That Wouldn’t Fit on My Twitter Bio…

  • I have a black belt in karate
  • When I’m not taking tourists on outings, you can find me tucked up on my couch watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
  • Never one to discriminate – I’m just as happy to imbibe red wine or champagne, depending on the weather
  • If you had to describe me in three words… Enthusiastic, Curious, Determined, Kind (yes…I know its 4…but I hate arbitrary word limits)

My Favourite Part of Our Village is…

Working with this Exceptional Team !!!!


Sonya Davis

Strategic Relationships Lead


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