The Lab

A step into the future of assessment

“No industry in which human lives depend on skilled performance of responsible operators has waited for the unequivocal proof of simulation before embracing it.”

Stanford University’s Professor David M Gaba, the world’s foremost leader on simulation in medicine

The Dream?

What might happen if we built a world leading, bespoke, state-of-the-art SIMULATION LAB – kitted out as realistic physiotherapy clinical environments – which would:

  1. Compromise nothing as far as assessment of clinical skill is concerned;
  2. Truncate waiting lists for overseas-qualified physiotherapists;
  3. Offer highly-trained simulated patients (i.e. actors) with rich case histories that can straddle multifarious health considerations (which is often hard to source with real life patients);
  4. Provide an assessment environment that is clinically authentic by realistically replicating a patient encounter in multi-environments (including hospital, private practice and rehabilitation settings) that cover the breadth of practice;
  5. Improve standardisation;
  6. Allow candidates to showcase the full gamut of clinical skills including physical examination, communication and rapport building, as well as history taking;
  7. Conclusively preserve the excellent standard of patient care in Australia; and
  8. Entrench Australia’s position as a thought leader in the international health assessment space.


What Can I Expect in the Lab?

As a Clinical Assessment candidate being assessed in The Lab, we will welcome you in the foyer, orientate you to the physical space and  there you will wait for your assessment session to begin. We have lockers for your bag and mobile phone (as these items can’t be taken into your Clinical Assessment).

Your Clinical Assessment in The Lab begins with preparation/reading time in one of our three ‘Candidate Rooms’. These are comfortable, private study rooms where you will read the scenario that will feature in the Assessment.

The next step in your journey is being invited into one of the three ‘Treatment Rooms’. Each of the three rooms is set up to reflect a different healthcare setting:

  1. Acute;
  2. Outpatients; and
  3. Rehabilitation

Throughout the course of your Clinical Assessment day, you will be assessed in each of the three environments.

When you come into the ‘Treatment Room’, you will be introduced to your two Assessors and Simulated Patient, a trained actor who will act out the scenario that you have been given to read through in your ‘Candidate Room’.

What Will I Find in the Lab?

Within the Lab itself, we have the following spaces:

  • Large central open space (with stairs, parallel bars, wheelchairs)
  • 3 x study/preparation ‘Candidate Rooms’
  • 3 x ‘Treatment Rooms’ configured as various clinical environments, such as Acute, Outpatients and Rehabilitation
  • Control Room – staffed to monitor the overall clinical environment

Need to know more?

For more information on the Simulation Assessment, please feel free to call me, Natalie, on 1300 528 003 (within Australia) or +61 3 7018 1499 (outside Australia) and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Locating the Lab?

The Lab is co-located within the Council’s Headquarters at 600 Victoria Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121 (corner of Burnley and Victoria Streets). Come through the front door of the building (on Victoria Street), into the lobby and take the lift to level 3.

You can catch a tram which stops right out the front of our building, or if you drive, then park in the Victoria Garden’s Shopping Centre paid car parking.


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