The Inspiration behind…Let It Begin with Us

February 22nd, 2018

Anton Barnett-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Physiotherapy Council

We live in a country that is blessed with practitioners who hail from the four corners of the globe.  This is portrayed by the different coloured hands on the outer edge of the artwork.  The orange, brown and white dots represent our Village that we champion, cherish and protect.  Like the physios who practice in Australia, we too hail from all over the world.  Our diversity and harmony is defining.

The blue dots represent the life-giving water that surrounds Australia.  But they also symbolise flow and ease of movement, which is the cornerstone of the profession we champion.

The origin of our overseas qualified physios is captured by twenty coloured circles joined by the squiggly white and black dots.

The figure in the top right-hand corner of the painting represents the every-patient; every  Australian who require interventions that our esteemed physios provide.  It also captures our unwavering commitment to ensuring that prior to practicing, every physio – qualified in Australia or beyond our shores – will be culturally competent and extend the same compassion, understanding, respect and ultimately the same health outcomes for all patients.  Through cross-cultural learning opportunities that promote awareness, education and socio-cultural understanding, we are determined to provide the best possible health outcomes for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

And at the epicentre of this masterpiece is the country we love.  Its beating heart is again depicted with the orange, brown and white dots that reflect our Village values that include the pursuit of excellence; innovation; courageous agility; compassion and people-centricity.

As the guardians of this remarkable profession, we are privileged to let it begin with us.

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