Dare? Innovate? Disrupt? Yes We D.I.D.

November 23rd, 2017

Anton Barnett-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Physiotherapy Council

Dare? Innovate? Disrupt? Yes We D.I.D.

The world is spoilt for choice with buzzwords like Innovation.  Disrupt.  Agile. Rethink. I could go on for days.  And if I did, you would reasonably tune out…  So, let me spare you the tutorial on the latest jargon – for which I am probably less than equipped to run – and simply share the incredible journey our Council has undergone these past twelve months.

When I joined the Council in October 2016, I had a vision.  Not a gallant one necessarily.  Not world-shattering by any means.  But it was a vision that was a not-negotiable as far as I was concerned. With the Board’s unequivocal support, I was determined to see this vision come to life.  The vision was this:

Every single person who connects with the Australian Physiotherapy Council must be afforded the best possible experience each and every time they connect.

The one thing about this vision that perhaps had it erring on the side of unique, was that it was a ubiquitous standard, an organisational norm that would be applied to everyone – overseas candidates, academics, staff (Read: our Village), organisational partners, assessors, committee members, media, tradespeople, couriers, contractors, wrong numbers… – everyone, without fear or favour.  If you connect, we will exceed what you expect.

Some might call that customer-centric.  We have internally referred to it as customer-obsessed.  Perhaps more accurately, it’s being people-obsessed.

But make no mistake, this people-first philosophy in no way diminishes the fact that the Council is the only accreditation authority to guarantee the highest standards for physiotherapy in Australia. We ensure that this country has the safest, most ethical physiotherapy practitioners.  But what now sets us apart, is that aside from safeguarding the standards, we are also pledging that anyone who embarks on such a process can do so with the confidence that we’ll provide a trusted, responsive service that will be delivered by amazing people.

For us, this has been an inside-out journey.  First we talked.  Then we walked. And then we held each other accountable to pledge we would walk that talk.  Once our focus honed, we reached out to our stakeholders and undertook the most extensive customer research this Council has ever embarked upon.  Your feedback and invaluable insights were not an inconsequential detail; they literally became our reason for being.

You spoke.  We listened.  We acknowledged. We were humbled.  We refined.  We re-imagined. We dreamed without constraint. We drew a line in the sand.  We stopped doing things the way they had always been done.  We were hungry.  We were determined.  We’ve invested.

And now we’re ready to share.  We hope you will be delighted with the difference.

As Apple’s Tim Cook said:

“Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that, its making things better.”

We may not be one of the world’s largest tech companies or the most valuable brand in the world, but we concur wholeheartedly with the sentiment.  We knew we could do better and we wouldn’t rest until we had.

As our primary outfacing portal, our website needed a metamorphosis to reflect your vital insights.  So please let me welcome you to our new site.  We hope it lives up to y/our hopes for it.  We encourage you to spend some time here exploring.  Please let us know if we are better meeting your needs.  We’re really hopeful that we’ve exceeded them! But above all else, let’s keep this critical dialogue going.

We’re here and we’re listening.





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